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Transits to horary charts
Transits Relative to Horary Charts

Horary Astrology

Transits to horary charts are a new forecasting technique discovered accidentally during the hypothesis testing of the 17th-century astrologer and mat

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Statistical Verification of Astrology
Statistical Study of Astrology

Advanced Astrology

This study was conducted by a group of independent astrologers with the aim of confirming or refuting the hypothesis that astrology is mere guesswork

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mundane, natal, and horary astrology.
What is the Difference Between Mundane, Natal, and Horary Astrology?

Popular Astrology

There are three types of predictive astrology - mundane, natal, and horary. What is the difference between them, and what do they study?

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Solar Return Chart
What is the Solar Return Chart?

Revolutions and Transits

The solar return is a clarifying technique that describes events shown by directions. Read the beginner's guide on how to read a solar chart.

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Princess Diana's death
Princess Diana: Death Prediction by Primary Directions

Primary Directions

Example of predicting death using primary directions. Find where in Princess Diana's horoscope her death is visible.

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Terrestrial state
What is The Terrestrial State of the Planet?

Terrestrial States of the Planets

The terrestrial state of a planet is determined by the favorable or unfavorable nature of the houses it rules, aspects or locates.

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Two-Fold Aspect
Why the Same Aspect Has a Two-Fold Nature

Celestial States of the Planets

Aspects work both ways - the promittor influences the significator and vice versa. Let's explore the reasons behind this

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Mark Rusborn
Mark Rusborn (Alexei Borealis)

Advanced Astrology

Meet the founder and teacher of our school - with his background and credentials. It is important to know who will be teaching you astrology.

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Planetary nature in close aspects
How Do the Planets Mix Their Natures in Close Aspects

Celestial States of the Planets

The same square of Saturn to the ascendant will give different effects if the ascendant is in Leo or Capricorn. See more examples

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Effect of the aspect
How Do Aspects Work in Astrology?

Celestial States of the Planets

The effect of the aspect should only be perceived in combination with the state of the planet that casts this aspect and its form.

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