How Do the Planets Mix Their Natures in Close Aspects

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Planetary nature in close aspects

April 3, 2023, 11:52 a.m. Mark Rusborn 1 min. to read

This article will provide a clear understanding of how the nature of two planets mixes in a close aspect to produce a final effect - create a potential for events.


The Sign Where Aspect Falls Matters

Consider exiled Saturn in Leo receives a close square from the Sun in Taurus. As you remember from the article on effects of aspects, the quadrature of the Sun is almost harmless. But in this particular configuration, the effect will be different.

Saturn feels exceptionally uncomfortable in Leo, in the domicile of the Sun, which is the opposite of Saturn's nature. At the same time, the Sun is pumping its Solar energy into a degree of Saturn through the aspect, which makes the position of Saturn even worse.

The more uncomfortable Saturn feels, the more it begins to destroy. Furthermore, the square intensifies the negative effects of the Sun's energy on Saturn.

The same applies to the house cusp. Suppose the ascendant is in Cancer, where Mars and Saturn are debilitated.

If Mars or Saturn injures the ascendant with a close square or opposition, this will have the most harmful effect. However, if the ascendant were in Capricorn, the quadrature of Mars/Saturn would fall into the compatible sign. In this case, the harm would be minimal.

Example From Morinus's Horoscope

Morinus shows how this principle works in his horoscope. He has Jupiter and Venus in Pisces in the 12th house. According to their celestial and terrestrial states, these planets save him from prisons, diseases, and secret enemies. And Morinus proved it.

On the other hand, these planets are determined by the opposition to the 6th house. Therefore, if we ignore all we said above, we expect Venus and Jupiter to save Morinus from slavish labor. But in reality, Morinus fell into the service many times and was extremely unhappy in these episodes.

The opposition falls in the 6th house in Virgo - the sign of Jupiter's exile and Venus' fall. So the opposed degree now contains a lot of destructive potential.

In other words, Venus and Jupiter bring salvation from 12th house affairs and give much destruction in 6th house affairs.

Mark Rusborn

Mark Rusborn

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