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Imagine this:

If you walked into a police station claiming to catch a thief using a horoscope, you'd likely be met with chuckles. But when British astrologer William Lilly stepped in...

... they didn't just listen, they acted. A constable was dispatched to Lilly's indicated spot, and bam! The thief was caught red-handed. Lilly didn't just earn respect; he gained fame. Remember, this was the very man who foresaw the blazing inferno that consumed London in 1666.

Centuries have whisked by, and the police officers of that day may have faded into history, but the name William Lilly endures. When someone gazes into tomorrow, they carve an immortal mark.

Ready to Stand Out?

Unlock your potential by wowing others with your predictive precision.

Enrol in this astrology course and learn to make predictions like William Lilly. You will discover

  • Step by step instructions to make your first forecast in less than 2 hours.
  • 3 ways to find the Head of the Department of Security who hasn't returned to work after the weekend.
  • How the stars affect a person throughout the group field and socially induced hypnosis.
  • A secret algorithm of reading a person's thoughts and desires, even if he does not speak a word.
  • 3 easy ways to determine the exact date of any future event.
  • Step-by-step instruction to reveal the hidden feelings and how they will unfold with time.
  • How people project child-parent relationship onto their partners.

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5 stars rating

Because the explanations were to the point and easy to understand. I am very glad I took this class!!! I could already see how learning this could be life changing. Thank YOU for offering your wisdom!!!

Elizabeth Tornillo

5 stars rating

This has been a wonderful course, very well explained!!! It's true that after this course you'll know how to make predictions! Thank you very much! Highly recommended!

Alan Salmi

5 stars rating

The course is clearing up a lot of confusion that I had in the past since there is so many techniques. This is extremely valuable. I feel like I can find late breakthrough to understanding this art after trying for a long time

Chinawatt Amnueypol

5 stars rating

This is great – the structure of the course is very coherent. Instructors gives crystal clear explanation.


5 stars rating

Excellent! The knowledge is summarized categorically! Highly reccomend!

Diana Silva

5 stars rating

Perfectly explained, step by step. Wonderful technique, very accurate.. I was really surprised with the results. Thank you.

Meet Your Expert Instructor


Mark Rusborn (Alexey Borealis)

Alexey Borealis (also known by the pseudonym Mark Rusborn) is an astrologer and former Soviet physicist.

He is

  • A featured guest expert on Russian TV and radio shows.
  • The author of several books on astrology.
  • The editor of AstroWiki.
  • An authority on the mathematical apparatus of primary directions – a forgotten technique for crafting precise forecasts.

He has engaged with distinguished scientists and Nobel laureates, consistently admiring the profound intelligence they possess. This admiration led him to present astrology not as mere esotericism, but as a disciplined science.

Logic Trumps Intuition

These astrology courses are tailor-made for those who deeply appreciate logic and clarity. Revel in these advantages:

  • Save your time. Our astrology courses are rich in valuable information. Thanks to our unique structure, you'll grasp in just 10 minutes what other institutions cover in a week.
  • Elevate predictions to true precision. Discard intuition; adhere to explicit rules. This mastery lets you pinpoint the exact day of your brother's wedding or identify an employee leaking information to competitors.
  • Swift predictions. Our exclusive forecasting techniques empower you to respond to most queries within a mere 10 minutes.

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Course 1

Make your 1st Forecast in Under 2 Hours (also availanle on Udemy)

Course 2

Make 4 Accurate Forecasts in 1 Hour (also available on Udemy)

Course 3

How to Know a Client's Deep Concern Before He Even Says a Word

Course 4

Timing Techniques

But That's Not All

Supercharge your forecasting speed. Harness our custom astrology software, purpose-built for this course. It effortlessly handles repetitive calculations, saving you valuable time.

Unleash the potent force of astrology to elevate your physical and mental well-being. Explore the art of harmonizing natural minerals for body and mind rejuvenation, along with event alignment. A stone therapy course is on the horizon, soon accessible with our premium membership.

As a premium member, you'll unlock advanced functionalities in our top-tier astrology app. Our AI-driven tool aids in dissecting horary charts, providing insights beyond the ordinary.

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