Confusion With Significators in Horary Charts

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Confusion With Significators

March 1, 2023, 8:56 p.m. Mark Rusborn 26 min. to read

Often in their practice, professional astrologers encounter two compelling cases when considering a horary chart.

  • The astrologer realizes which significator to choose, but the chart suggests a different planet.
  • From the formulation of the horary question, it is totally unclear which planet to consider for the quesited.

This article shows how to work with such horary charts.

P.S. The article is intended for practicing astrologers and not for beginners.


Case 1. Mismatch of Significators

Suppose an astrologer receives a question: "When will the period of self-isolation end?" There is no astrological house or Arabian Part for self-isolation. But any isolation is shown by the planet Saturn as a natural ruler. Therefore, we take Saturn as a significator. We also expect to see Saturn highlighted during chart radicality assessment.

Further, we select suitable techniques for Saturn according to the horary chart interpretation algorithm. Of all astrological methods, the reception will suit us. We will be interested in finding the moment when the planet of the querent leaves the disposition of Saturn. It will show the exit of the querent from under the yoke of self-isolation.

Note. An aspect with Saturn would show the moment of quarantine, but the question is about the timing of its removal. It is solved through a change of reception.

We expect to see a highlighted Saturn when we cast a horary chart. But here, the same case may come when the chart highlights a different planet, say, the ruler of the 3rd house.

In this case, we need to follow the chart's suggestions. Namely, we must understand how the 3rd house can relate to the voiced question. It will help to understand the genuine concern of the querent.

Understanding the Essence of the Significator Proposed by the Chart

The 3rd house in astrology is responsible for regular movement. In the context of the question - for unhindered movement around the city (in the absence of quarantine).

It means that the chart will show us the answer not through the exit from under the yoke of isolation (from the disposition of Saturn) but through the contact between the querent and his free movements. The freedom of movement, the 3rd house, is the actual client's concern. So we must answer the question: "When will I be able to move freely again."

Selection of a List of Techniques Applicable to a New Significator

We must restart the parsing horary interpretation algorithm again and select the necessary techniques. But now we will choose techniques not for Saturn, as we originally planned, but for the ruler of the 3rd house.

The only thing that suits us is the exact aspects. The aspect shows the moment when the querent encounters freedom of movement. Thus we find the timing of the desired event - the removal of the isolation regime.

Example 1

Let's take an example to see how this might look. The girl asks: "To whom will the dying mother sign off the apartment - my brother or me?"

3 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 4 6 k 21º 49' l 16º 22' x 04º 19' c 23º 41' a 19º 08' s 05º 34' s 21º 49' d 16º 22' g 04º 19' h 23º 41' j 19º 08' k 05º 34' Q 18º f 20' W 03º l 31' E 10º f 55' R 21º d 01' T 03º s 43' Y 08º a 11' U 24º x 16' R { 20º s 57' } 20º k 57' < 07º a 00' a s d f g h j k l v x c 30° 13' E 60° 02' N Jul 10, 2022 17:22 UTC+03:00
To whom will the dying mother sign off the apartment?

It would be a mistake to involve the mother as the main quesited. By all signs of radicality, the chart highlights the 4th house, not the 10th. You can see visually: the 4th house is highlighted in purple. There is a great temptation to apply the technique of aspects:

  • The apartment will go to the girl if there is an "apartment-querent " aspect.
  • If not, then by default, to her brother.

There is such an aspect in the chart. You may want to tell the querent the great news. But here's the catch. Suppose we encounter contradictions between reality and the indications of the chart. In that case, there is an excellent chance that the significator we consider does not show what we expect:

  • In that chart, the ruler of the 4th house (Jupiter) is in the power of Mars (that is, the girl herself). It would be a mistake to think that the mother's apartment "wants/supports a querent." The apartment cannot want or act. It is an inanimate object. This reception has a literal interpretation, just appropriate in this context: the apartment is in the querent's possession.
  • But this immediately contradicts reality. The apartment, which already belongs to the girl, can not be in question of ownership.

So Jupiter shows something different here, for example, the apartment where the girl lives, her father, her brother's money, etc.

We Need to Understand the Meaning of the New Significator

Here comes the moment when we must roll back a step and turn to the querent again. We must now clarify what else, besides inheritance, Jupiter can denote. During communication, it turned out that the girl would move into the new apartment in case of owning it. Her current home is in dire need of a significant overhaul, and this heavily worries the querent. The girl wants to improve her living conditions more than owning more real estate.

The real subject of the question is, "Will I be able to improve my living conditions by leaving the current apartment." At the same time, the phrase "if my mother writes me her apartment" is the context of the question. It completely changes the meaning of the main significator.

Jupiter is now the querent's current dwelling. The position of Jupiter in the power of Mars no longer causes any contradictions with reality.

Now We Need to Select Techniques for a New Significator

What techniques would we use to look for signs of an apartment change according to the horary chart interpretation algorithm? A change of Jupiter's dispositor would suit us. More specifically, we would be looking for an early exit of Jupiter (current apartment) from the power of Mars (girl). But that doesn't happen.

We could also focus on "whether my living conditions will improve." This question is also valid - the first house (living conditions) is highlighted, and the South Node on the ascendant and the ruler of the 1st in exile confirm the cramped conditions. What would we like to see to ensure the upcoming improvement? Of course, the 1st house ruler's immediate sign changes with the loss of virtues. But Mars and the Moon do not leave their current sign - the querent remains in its current place.

Knowing that moving/improving living conditions is impossible, we conclude that the mother's apartment will go to the brother.

Despite all the outward evidence of the lord 4- lord 1 aspect, we draw the opposite conclusion simply by following the technique described in this article. As a result, the forecast came true - the apartment went to the brother.

Case 2. It is unclear which planet to consider

Sometimes the question is put so that it is unclear to the astrologer which house to consider. For example, in the question "will there be a major outbreak of coronavirus in our city," it is unclear what precisely the question is about:

  • Is it about personal safety;
  • Maybe it is about the possible introduction of quarantine;
  • Or it is about a business that may be at risk;
  • Or something else.

For each case, we would need a different set of significators and appropriate techniques:

  • In the question of security (whether I get sick), we would look for the aspect of sickness and the querent;
  • In the question of whether a business will survive without customers, we would look for signs of business death;
  • And so on.

The most obvious way to clarify the situation is to ask the querent. But in reality, clients cannot accurately describe the valid reason for their concern. The client may answer that he is concerned about everything - health safety, business, the introduction of quarantine, and everything else. Stressed people can't always be rational.

And in this case, the horary chart itself comes to the rescue again. By evaluating radicality, the astrologer can see which houses are highlighted and how they relate to the true nature of the issue.

Example 2

Let's see an example of how the chart leads the astrologer to the answer. Chart's data is 2020-03-05 18:54, Baku.

background Layer 1 Вопрос: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 h j k l z x c a s d f g 19º 14º 12º 18º 24º 24º 19º 14º 12º 18º 24º 24º 47' 10' 46' 12' 43' 51' 47' 10' 46' 12' 43' 51' c 15º 29' Q f 19º 13' W x 29º 20' > E s 00º 32' R z 12º 30' T z 20º 22' Y z 28º 36' U f 05º 46' { z 05º 46' } 05.03.2020 18:54 GMT +4 49º 52' В 40º 22' C 0
Will there be a major outbreak of coronavirus in our city?

Initially, it is not apparent to us which planet to choose as a quesited. The client does not give any comments. But the chart itself already contains a hint.

An analysis of radicality shows that Mercury (29º x) and Fortune (23º z) distinguish Saturn by the reception. It is the significator that the chart itself has chosen for further consideration.

Understanding the Meaning of the Significator Proposed by the Chart

As in the first case, we must understand how Saturn relates to the voiced question and realize the actual concern. Saturn, by nature, shows isolation. But, as the ruler of the 6th house, it denotes illness. That is, it can mean both a quarantine regime and an outbreak. So the real question is either "Will I go into lockdown" or "Will I get sick." Other options are excluded.

Selection of a List of Techniques Applicable to a New Significator

Now we need to restart the parsing algorithm again. We will select appropriate techniques for Saturn as a significator of isolation and as a significator of illness.

  • If we consider Saturn as an outbreak of disease, then we will choose the exact aspect (contact of the querent and the epidemic);
  • If we consider Saturn as a social state (quarantine regime), then the change of reception will suit us (We will be particularly interested in the moment when the querent's planet falls into the power of Saturn);

Since we do not know what Saturn stands for, we will consider both techniques.

Application of Selected Techniques

As you see from the chart, the querent's planet has just come under the disposition of Saturn. It means that the issue of the epidemic/quarantine has recently arisen before the querent. It is just a descriptive fact rather than a picture of the future.

But this simple descriptive fact would make it impossible to consider Saturn as a significator of isolation. Indeed, how can one look for the future entry of the querent's planet into the power of Saturn (the onset of quarantine) if this has already happened, according to the testimony of the chart? It would be possible only if the introduction of quarantine were already agreed upon and the authorities had yet to announce it.

But look, the ruler of the 1st house remarkably stops in less than a degree. It means that all movement in the place of residence of the querent freezes. It is a wholly unexpected but very eloquent sign of the onset of quarantine, which the chart has prepared for us.

So chart suggests the following:

  • Saturn is a significator of isolation, which is already inevitable - an official report to the residents is only a matter of time;
  • The querent's entry into a period of isolation is starting;
  • A complete halt of all movement will happen shortly;

Bottom line - the chart showed the imminent onset of the quarantine regime in response to the question, "will a serious outbreak happen in my city."

Applying Additional Techniques When the Answer is Already Known

Now that we know the event will happen, we can use the long-term aspect technique to determine the exact date for the quarantine.

The Moon and Saturn will perform a "long-term" aspect in 9 degrees. It corresponds to 9 days in the context of the speed of the epidemic. That is, the city's borders should be closed on March 14.

According to Wikipedia, on March 14, a social isolation regime was introduced throughout the country for the first time (The Operational Headquarters under the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers conducted the measures on social isolation that applied countrywide from March 14).

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