The Ruler and Dispositor

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The Ruler and Dispositor

March 14, 2023, 9:56 p.m. Mark Rusborn 2 min. to read

It is essential to introduce the concepts of the ruler and dispositor of a celestial object to understand the signification techniques.

Sign Ruler

Each zodiac sign corresponds to 1 planet, called the sign's ruler.

The list below shows the correspondence between the sign and the planet that rules it.

  • a (Aries) - T (Mars)
  • s (Taurus) - R (Venus)
  • d (Gemini) - E (Mercury)
  • f (Cancer) - W (Moon)
  • g (Lion) - Q (Sun)
  • h (Virgo) - E (Mercury)
  • j (Libra) - R (Venus)
  • k (Scorpio) - T (Mars)
  • l (Sagittarius) - Y (Jupiter)
  • z (Capricorn) - U (Saturn)
  • x (Aquarius) - U (Saturn)
  • c (Pisces) - Y (Jupiter)

Ruler of the House

When the house's cusp falls into a particular sign of the zodiac, which ruler becomes the ruler of the cusp. It is also called the lord of the house.

The cusp contains the maximum power of the astrological house. Therefore, the ruler of the cusp becomes the ruler of the whole house.

In some cases, the astrological house includes several signs of the zodiac. In that case, the rulers of these signs also intercept the control of the house. Here it is essential to consider one nuance: the farther the degree of the house is from the cusp, the weaker the influence of the astrological house extends to this degree. Therefore, the rulers of other signs inside the astrological house take less control over the house than the cusp ruler.

These additional house lords are called alternate lords.

Thus, if we need to find the sister of the querent, who is shown by the 3rd house, then we notice the planet which rules the cusp of the 3rd house. It will be a significator of the sister.

Sometimes in horary astrology, we look at the planets within the house.

  • If the house shows the whole sphere of life, then the planets in the house show particular characters within this sphere. For example, the 10th house signifies office work. And the planets within the 10th house can show the two closest bosses.
  • If the house shows some object, then the planets in the house can show particular elements of that object. For example, the 4th house represents a building, and a debilitated planet in an earth sign inside the 4th house will show a particular problem in the foundation.

Note. In natal astrology, the planets in the house are much more important than the rulers of the house.

Object Disposer

The dispositor is a synonym for the word "ruler of the sign." The only difference is that the term dispositor is applied, as a rule, to celestial objects and not to houses. You are unlikely to hear the phrase "dispositor of the house." Instead, astrologers often say, "ruler of the house."

The dispositor of a celestial object is the ruler of the sign where the celestial object resides.

For example:

  • If the Arabian Part of Marriage (POM) falls into Virgo, then Mercury will be the dispositor of POM (because Mercury rules Virgo);
  • If Saturn is in the sign of Aries, Mars becomes the dispositor of Saturn (because Mars rules Aries).

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